If you are new to Dr Bonny’s, This page will give you the directions to contact, communicate and discuss about your problems, requirements, worries, apprehensions, treatment plan, cost and payment options.

The System

Stage 1

Once a new patient contacts the office, a direct communication with the doctor will be arranged according to the convenience of both parties. Once an initial consultation with the doctor is over, he will direct the patient to take photographs, X-rays, OPG, Cephalograph etc depending on the case. After examining the initial diagnostic tools, the doctor may ask for more detailed reports like CBCT and blood examinations etc. All these data can be transferred online to the website or email.

Stage 2

In this stage the doctor will brief about the treatment plan, various options and costing of each option. Once it is finalised, the doctor will do a digital mock up or Digital Smile design depending on the case and possibility of doing it on that particular case. Once the treatment plan and Digital Smile Design is satisfactory, the appointment for initial direct consultation will be finalized. At this stage the initial payment has to be done by bank transfer or online payment.

Stage 3

After the direct consultation, a direct mock up will be done in the patient’s mouth to confirm the predicted result. After doing the corrections as per the patient's directions and practical possibilities, final restoration is determined. The required preparations will be done in the patients mouth and the final restoration will be delivered in two or more appointments depending on the case and works to be done.


You can contact the office at the following number or email:
Mobile: 9400 1111 91
You can contact Dr Bonny Directly on whatsapp, Facebook and Email at any time. Response can be expected within hours depending on his work schedule. Calls are not entertained on his private phone.

Whatsapp- 828183 6666
Facebook- F/drbonnys
Email- mail@drbonnys